Log House Farm

Alpaca Small Business Farm

Laura Joosse

Phone: 262-673-2642

E-mail: lljoosse1[AT]hotmail.com

Log House Farm is a small Suri Alpaca farm. We are a small, family owned and operated business. Farming has been in our family for over 90 years. Peter and I are also health care professionals which brings a unique spin on our farming and business outlook.

Although Alpacas cannot communicate via the English language, they communicate their needs in a not so subtle way not unlike many of our patients. Basic health and nutrition are important goals of farm, but we believe our animals communicate other needs as well. Having a small herd allows us the opportunity to learn and read each of our animals, understanding their behavioral patterns.

We invite you to come visit our farm, where we would love to talk to you about living the alpaca lifestyle and our artist co-op.



Our Farm